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Foghorn Duo: Lonesome Song

Foghorn DuoThe pure drop. The taproot. The deeper well. That’s where the music of Foghorn Duo comes from. In that Old Country inhabited by the likes of the Carter Family, the Stanley Brothers, and the Monroe Brothers, that’s where you’ll find Caleb Clauder and Sammy Lind, known as Foghorn Duo.

Foghorn Duo has self-released their first record, aptly titled “Lonesome Song,” and it’s a bona fide example of the best in old-time bluegrass from any era. On this release you’ll hear banjos, fiddles, mandolins, and guitars accompany craggy old two-part harmonies in a backroads journey through the hills and hollers of America, circa 1920.

Foghorn Duo is a subset of the wickedly intense Foghorn Stringband, a Portland (Oregon) based oldtime band who released several CDs in the last few years, to critical acclaim, and traveled the world from Ireland to Borneo spreading their brand of pre-bluegrass mayhem. The full band seems to be scaling back their touring and recording activities this year… I don’t know why, but I suspect that even the best and busiest oldtime bands in the world can only offer limited income. If that’s the reason, then it’s a cryin’ shame. Long live Foghorn Duo.

Buy this CD, and do your part to keep oldtime music alive and kickin’.

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