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The Johnny Starlings

The Johnny Starlings are singer/songwriter Jody Mulgrew and friends, sometimes changing but always including multi-instrumentalist Yohei Shikano. Their newest release Aiming Too High features the crystal-clear vocals of jazz diva Inga Swearingen on backup harmonies.

The Johnny Starlings
The Johnny Starlings with Inga Swearingen

I saw the Starlings on the main stage at the Live Oak Music Festival, where they brought forth a mellow and authentic vintage sound reminiscent of a Honolulu speakeasy back in the 30s. With his ukulele and fedora and high clear vocals, Jody led the band though a selection ranging from sunny California country-pop to acoustic retro swing, and all of them original songs written by Jody.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you Jody–what’s next? More of the same, we hope!

Recommended tracks:
Aiming Too High
On The Porch
Light in My Hand
‘Til My Peace Be Made

Johnny Starlings Website (listen)

Johnny Starlings on CDBaby (buy)

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