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Folkies Gather in New York

Last weekend I made a cross-country trek with my band to attend the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance music booking conference, or NERFA. The event was held for three days at a hotel/resort in the Catskills, a couple hours drive north of NYC. While my primary goal there was shameless self-promotion, I was also able to meet, hear, and jam with some up-and-coming bands that are worthy of the Fiddlefreak Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Keep an eye on these guys!

Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers
A unique blend of Swedish, old-time American, and original fiddle-based groove music, with nyckelharpa. Web site here.

Nathan Rogers
The son of legenday Canadian folksinger Stan Rogers, Nathan carries the flag of his father with pride and grace. Web site here.

Creaking Tree String Quartet
If your musical tastes lean to acoustic newgrass-jazz, check out this virtuosic string band based out of Toronto. Web site here.

Tripping Lily
This Cape Cod-based combo caught my ear with their jazzy folk-pop hooks featuring ukulele, mandolin, and fiddle. Web site here.

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