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William Elliott Whitmore: Animals in the Dark (MP3)

Animals in the Dark
Animals in the Dark

Songs:illinois recently posted a new song from William Elliott Whitmore, off his new release Animals in the Dark, which will hit the streets on 2/17/09 on ANTI- Records. Whitmore is a white farm boy from Iowa who sounds (in a good way) like an aging black blues man from Alabama. I’ve been a fan for a while now, and while the new record sounds a bit more refined, with more instrumentation and new-found political overtones, Whitmore has not strayed from the southern blues back roads he has always traveled. Banjo is not usually used to accompany the blues, but hey, why not? The banjo has roots in Africa, and so does the blues. It just works.

LISTEN: Lifetime Underground (MP3)

Bonus Video: The Day The End Finally Came

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