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Irish Singer Michael Black (MP3)

Normally we review new releases, but here is one that slipped under our radar. No wait, Fiddlefreak didn’t even exist when the record was released in 2007. In any case, Michael Black’s self-titled solo release on Compass Records is worth a listen. The Dublin-born Irish singer did a guest slot with my band over the holidays, and he kindly gifted me a copy. From the opening sparkle of John Doyle’s trademark guitar, I was hooked. Michael Black is an Irish singer who transcends his genre.

Michael Black
Michael Black

How can this record not shine, under John Doyle’s brilliant production and with the suppport of John Williams, Liz Carroll, Liz Knowles, Seamus Egan, Chico Huff (Solas), and Dirk Powell? Michael Black is a member of the famous singing Black Family, of which Mary Black is perhaps the most illustrious member. Songs on this record range from love songs to shanties, jigs, anti-war, and chorus pieces. Here are two of my favorites. Enjoy!

Youth of the Heart (MP3)

Billy O’Shea (MP3)

Compass Records (listen/buy)

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