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The Lost Brothers at Celtic Connections 2009 (MP3)

My favorite part of Celtic Connections was what they call the Festival Club, an after-hours showcase stage featuring various incarnations of whatever bands show up. You never know when a spontaneous jam session might break out, or who might walk out onto the stage. It might be Bela Fleck. Or Tim O’Brien. Or the Lost Brothers.

The Lost Brothers. Photo by kilakellz.
The Lost Brothers. Photo by kilakellz.

Here’s a great new band from northern Ireland that we heard at the Club, actually a duo I think, and they added a drummer that night. The Lost Brothers sing poppy original songs that feature lovely two-part harmonies over mellow acoustic guitars. Although the music is modern, they somehow invoke a time gone by, resting gently between the Everly Brothers and the classic brother duets of early bluegrass. Enjoy this MP3 and video.

LISTEN: Wake Me Up (MP3)

Video: Angry at the Sun

Lost Brothers MySpace.

Buy from Pure Groove.

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