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Foghorn Duo at Celtic Connections 2009 (MP3)

You’ve already heard me gush about the sincere and archaic music of the Foghorn Duo in a previous post, so I’ll keep this brief. St. Andrews on the Square, in Glasgow, Scotland, is an old church that has been refurbished for use as a concert hall and wedding venue. Nice little cafe in the basement. We saw this concert at St. Andrews last month during Celtic Connections: Foghorn Duo (Caleb Klauder and Stephen Lind) joined the legendary Dirk Powell and banjo man Riley Baugus for an evening of bona fide old-time bluegrass music. Afterwards they raised the roof at a late-night fiddle jam in the Festival Club, where they were joined by ace fiddler Bruce Molsky and members of Crooked Still.

Dirk Powell, Riley Baugus and Foghorn Duo at St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 29 2009.

Videos by MoNoHair.

Thanks to YouTube user MoNoHair for sharing these!

LISTEN: Saddle Old Mike, by Foghorn Duo (MP3)

Foghorn Duo MySpace

Foghorn Duo Listen/Buy CD

Website: Dirk Powell

Website: Riley Baugus

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