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The Green Fields of America (MP3)

While at Celtic Connections, I could not help but notice the new release from The Green Fields of America (Compass Records), displayed prominently at the Coda Music booth in the Royal Concert Hall. Formed in 1978, the Green Fields of America represents a gathering of the very best Irish-American musicians. Through its many incarnations, Mick Moloney has remained the driving force, always striving “to show, in one major ensemble, some of Irish America’s finest musicians and dancers.” (from the liner notes)

The Green Fields of America
The Green Fields of America

The new eponymous release contains a nicely balanced mixture of both instrumental sets as well as songs, mostly from the traditional canon, performed with zeal and precision by producers Mick Moloney and John Doyle, with Robbie O’Connell, Billy McComiskey, and Athena Tergis, as well as several guest artists. I predict that this will end up being one of the top releases of Irish music in 2009, and become a classic album as time goes by. Recommended by Fiddlefreak!

LISTEN: The Rambling Irishman (MP3)

Compass Records (Listen/Buy)


Thanks to Holy Cowdude for the YouTube video.

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