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Anarkali: Irish Trad from Glasgow (MP3)

Here’s a band of young folks from Glasgow that play brilliant pure-drop Irish traditional music. I met Danny Boyle and Johnny Canny of Anarkali last month at Celtic Connections, where they played just before us in the Danny Kyle Open Stage competition. They ended up in the top six finalists, as well they deserved to do, and showed us the finest in hospitality by inviting us to their local session for a few tunes.

Tunes + Pints = Nirvana
Tunes + Pints = Nirvana

From their MySpace page: Johnny Canning (fiddle/flute/whistle) Sarah Parker (boss, fiddle, vocals, time keeper, organiser) Martin Hunter (button box, whistle) Peter Webster (guitar, flute, vocals) and Danny Boyle (flute, whistle, vocals) are Anarkali. Our roots are in Ulster and Lochinver and we hail from Glasgow’s Irish diaspora and the rough and ready Scottish Highlands. Steeped in Irish and Scottish traditional music with a traditional Indian name, Anarkali was born out of the vibrant Glasgow music scene and named after the Indian social centre and restaurant in Glasgow’s Govanhill area where we have shared great times with friends and family.

LISTEN: Anarkali Reels (MP3)

Arnakali: Danny Kyle Winners

Watch video HERE.

Anarkali MySpace

3 thoughts on “Anarkali: Irish Trad from Glasgow (MP3)

  1. thats great if you know of anyone out in California that would be intested in gettin us all the out let us know Sarah 😉

  2. Hey guys! Just noticed a slight typo with our band name. Should be spelt Anarkali! Hope all’s well in California!


    Martin (Anarkali)

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