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The Fox Hunt: America’s Working (MP3)

Is that thing loaded?
Is that thing loaded?
The Fox Hunt
The Fox Hunt

This just in… West by-God Virginia has spawned another band of bad boys with an outlaw attitude that play real-deal oldtime mountain music. The Fox Hunt have released their second record, titled America’s Working So We Don’t Have To, on Skull City Records.

In the Eastern Panhandle of my home state, where weekend yuppies from DC rub shoulders with hard-working mountaineers, The Fox Hunt mixes up traditional fiddle tunes with original songs, and they do it well. You can almost smell the moonshine cooking when fiddler Ben Townsend is sawing on the strings. And when it’s only fiddle and banjo, that good old sound just don’t get no better. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Little Rose (MP3)

LISTEN: Picked Up a Hammer (MP3)


VISIT  The Fox Hunt MySpace

Listen and Buy on CDBaby

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