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Pale Imperfect Diamond: Behind the Music

“Some may call it World Music, some may call it Uzbekigrass, or whatever … we want to spread this great American music out into the world… and more important to us, we want to expose listeners here to what’s going on over there.”

Sitting in the Carter Family homestead in southwest Virgiania, John Carter Cash talks with co-producer Jack Clift about the upcoming release from Cedar Hill Refugees called “Pale Imperfect Diamond.” (My previous album review is here.)

From their EPK: “Pale Imperfect Diamond is an ambitious collection of roots music standards and original tracks recorded in cultural poles. Co-producer Jack Clift met with John Carter Cash and the idea to marry the musical styles with an album formed; the two producers were committed to unifying American folk ballads and traditional Uzbek instrumentation from the album’s inception. Jadoo, an American-Uzbek band Jack Clift co-founded while living in Uzbekistan, recorded Pale Imperfect Diamond’s base tracks in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The bones of the album were then taken to Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee where they were masterfully blended and complemented with American roots music instrumentation and vocals. The lustrous cast that assembled at Cash Cabin included The Peasall Sisters, Dr. Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart and John Cowan. The collective of participants from both countries, including Jack Clift and Cash, became known as Cedar Hill Refugees.”


Effigy Records

Cedar Hill Refugees MySpace

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