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Ben Bedford: Land of the Shadows (MP3)

Ben Bedford is on a roll. In January his new record “Land of the Shadows” (Hopeful Sky Records) was the top-played album on the FOLK-DJ charts, where folk DJs report their spins.  And he came in third last month.

Ben Bedford. Photo by Michael Friedman
Ben Bedford. Photo by Michael Friedman

I met Ben about a year ago at the annual Folk Alliance conference in Memphis. The Springfield, Illinois native gave me his previous release “Lincoln’s Man” and I fell for its gripping and poignant tales of the Civil War days. On “Land of the Shadows,” Ben expands his palette to include contemporary themes along with his historical material. This is a sensitive look inside the people of America’s heartland, past and present.

LISTEN: Mother Jones On The Line (MP3)

LISTEN: As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue (MP3)

Land of the Shadows
Land of the Shadows


Ben Bedford Website
Ben Bedford MySpace

3 thoughts on “Ben Bedford: Land of the Shadows (MP3)

  1. I have the honor of living in the same mid west town as Ben. He is a wonderful artist… he writes, plays, and sings beautifully. On top of all that he is one fine human being too!

  2. I was the one at Craig and Alexa’s house this past weekend. I am working on your story about how I felt after listening to your songs. I will soon have the story ready, but you impressed me as you looked so much like my Jesus and Mary at your side.

    You will like my story, would like to get an email where I can send it to you.

    We really enjoyed your music. Hope to hear from you soon

    You can read some of my stories on word press
    I use the name Linda Jewelry Queen

    I hope this website works, if not then you can read some of my works on Writing forums
    I go under a pen name Moonlight Skywriter

    thanks Carrie and Ben


  3. You are awesome. You should join my record label. We’d love to have this kind of talent on our team.

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