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Tony Furtado: Deep Water (MP3)

Tony Furtado
Tony Furtado

Deep Water
Deep Water

Tony Furtado has a new record out called Deep Water, on Funzalo Records. Jeez, I don’t know how many this makes, but one of his previous releases is titled Thirteen, so it’s quite a few. I first heard Tony perform years ago at the Live Oak Music Festival near Santa Barbara, where I immediately bought some of his music and took it home. Later I had the honor of meeting him at an Irish session in Portland, Oregon, his home town. Apparently he was a contest-winning banjo prodigy in his younger days. The new record sports a nicely balanced mix of mellow acoustic material as well as rowdy rock and roll, with plenty of Tony’s trademark slide guitar and banjo. Deep Water is the first record on which he wrote all the songs. Hope you enjoy these two!

LISTEN: Mississippi Sage

LISTEN: Waste of the Moon

Learn more:

Tony Furtado Website
Tony Furtado MySpace
Funzalo Records

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