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Live Oak Music Festival and Joe Craven

Joe Craven's Joe-Jam Playshop
Joe Craven's Joe-Jam Playshop

Calling all California music-lovers! Now is the time to get your tickets for the wild and crazy Live Oak Music Festival 2009, to be held on June 19-20-21. This benefit for KCBX Public Radio, which happens annually in the hills near Santa Barbara, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Fiddlefreak will be in attendance—hope to see you there!

Along with the usual array of world and folk music that runs the gamut from Americana to Latin to African, zany emcee Joe Craven will be presenting his Joe-Jam playshops, which must be seen to be believed. Here is a preview.

Thanks to festivalpreview for this YouTube.

Thanks to jimnw for this YouTube.

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