Scott Miller: Free MP3 Download

Scott Miller: For Crying Out Loud
Scott Miller: For Crying Out Loud

Here’s one for all you Fiddlefreakers who like their folkie Americana served up with a healthy helping of electrified alt-country on the side. Virginia native Scott Miller visits both sides of the coin on his new release For Crying Out Loud, a tasty collection of mostly-originals that hits the streets tomorrow. According to Miller’s web site, this album was “financed by the sale of initial song demos and an enhanced CD with video presold to the fan base.” FCOL is his first folio of new songs since his departure from Sugar Hill, after making three records on the label. The material runs the gamut from barroom country-rock to intimate acoustic folk. As of this writing you can download a free MP3 of the song “Appalachian Refugee” right here (preview below).

From the Scott Miller MySpace page:
Unlike most of the faux-simplified-effete-elite-Americana/Alt-Country world, Miller was actually raised on a working farm. His parents were a WWII generation couple that carried on the Spartan lifestyle of their Scots-Irish forefathers. Miller has described the lifestyle as “Amish that drink.”

LISTEN: Appalachian Refugee (MP3)

LISTEN: I’m Right Here My Love (MP3 with Patty Griffin)


Download “Appalachian Refugee” Here

Scott Miller Website

Scott Miller MySpace

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