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Bua: An Spealadóir (MP3)

Bua: An Spealadoir
Irish trad band Bua
Bua: An Spealadoir
Bua: An Spealadoir

From the Pure Drop Department: Bua is a Chicago-based Irish band that delivers traditional jigs, reels, horpipes and the occasional song with a precision and intensity that is rarely heard on this side of the Atlantic. Jackie Moran (bodhran, banjo, vocals), Chris Bain (fiddle), Seán Gavin (uilleann pipes, flute), Brían Ó hAirt (vocals, concertina, tin whistle), and Brian Miller (guitar, flute, vocals) are poised to take the world of trad music by storm. Their new release An Spealadóir (Mad River Records) shines like the sun as it breaks though the ragged rain clouds over Connemara.

So duck into that pub on the corner, shake off the bitter cold Midwestern wind, order up a pint of stout and enjoy the spirit of the session. Irish music has been given a mighty boost by Bua!

LISTEN: Johnny Henry’s/Martin Wynne’s No. 4/Miss MacDonald (MP3)

Bua Web Site


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