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The Greencards: Fascination (MP3)

The Greencards: Fascination
The Greencards: Fascination

The Greencards are a contemporary acoustic trio who play a broad range of beautiful poppy folk that features fiddle, mandolin, and vocals. Their new record Fascination (Sugar Hill) was released this past week. Singer/bassist Carol Young and multiple string-instrument master Kym Warner, from Australia, and violinist/violist Eamon McLoughlin from the U.K., migrated to Austin, Texas, where they began performing together about 5 years ago, and later to their current home base in Nashville.

While much of Fascination falls within the realm of what we call pop music, here is a mighty fine track that satisfies Fiddlefreak’s lust for the traditional side of things. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Rivertown

Greencards Website

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