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Water Tower Bucket Boys: Catfish on the Line (MP3)

Water Tower Bucket Boys: Catfish on the Line
Water Tower Bucket Boys: Catfish on the Line

Way up yonder in that hilly land of clearcuts and crusties, old-time music is alive and kicking. The latest kick-act oldtime band to emerge from Oregon is The Water Tower Bucket Boys. Josh Rabie (fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals) was kind enough to send Fiddlefreak a promo copy of their new DIY project titled Catfish on the Line, a rambunctious ramble through classic bluegrass, old-time country, and ornery originals. Comparisons to Old Crow Medicine Show are inevitable here, and I mean that as a compliment. These boys rock out on fiddle (Josh), banjo (Cory), guitar (Kenny), and bass fiddle (Walter).

From Cory:
“We have been together for three or four years now, in various configurations. Started out as a bluegrass band, and became an old time stringband somewhere along the way, and now–we have identity issues! We’re all 22 now except for Walter; all students or ex-students of UO in Eugene, and we cut our teeth in the Portland old-time scene and out at the Weiser Fiddle Festival.

Never mind the rough edge of this music: that’s a feature, not a bug. I wouldn’t change a thing, boys. Here is a great original song and a video of a well-known old-time fiddle tune from the Water Tower Bucket Boys. Put on yer dancin’ shoes!

LISTEN: Wide Open Spaces

WATCH: Greasy Coat




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