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Blame Sally: Free MP3 Download

Blame Sally: Night of 1000 Stars
Blame Sally: Night of 1000 Stars

blamesally-1000Night of 1000 Stars (Opus Music Ventures), the fourth full-length record from Blame Sally, will be released on May 8. For all my fellow Fiddlefreakers who dig the pop-rock side of the folkie spectrum: sally forth and get your hands on the new record from Blame Sally. These four velvet-vocaled ladies from San Francisco have somehow laid claim to the modern pop-folk sound while yet sounding fresh and inventive. Lend an ear and you will hear strains of the Wailin’ Jennies, Radiohead, Rodney Crowell, and a hundred other diverse and worldly influences runing through their silky sound. This one will get lots of airplay.

LISTEN: All Rise

FREE DOWNLOAD: Night of 1000 Stars

Blame Sally Website
Listen/Buy (after May 8 )


One thought on “Blame Sally: Free MP3 Download

  1. Yeah Stuart
    I love these gals
    I played with Pam and Jerry years ago.
    Happy to see how well they are doing. They sound fantastic!

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