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Betse Ellis: Don’t You Want to Go? (MP3)

Betse Ellis: Don't You Want to Go?
Betse Ellis
Betse Ellis: Don't You Want to Go?
Betse Ellis: Don't You Want to Go?

By now I hope you’ve heard of (and heard) the acoustic hillbilly heartland honkytonk music of the Wilders, from Kansas City, Missouri. A big part of their show is the high-energy oldtime fiddling of Betse Ellis, who just released her first solo album titled Don’t You Want to Go? on Free Dirt Records. This collection includes soulful blues, gospel, and inventive originals, but my favorites are the old-time fiddle breakdowns, some of which she has mined herself from the Ozark hills. Here is the first track on the record, which she plays in the traditional Black Mountain tuning (AEAC#) and picks with her left hand while bowing with her right. Sweeeet!

LISTEN: White River


Listen and Buy at Trade Roots Music

Betse Ellis MySpace


The Wilders perform “Sorry I let You Down” at Celtic Connections 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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