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Whiskey Chimp: Barely Right Now (MP3)

Barely Right Now
Barely Right Now

It has been almost a year since Fiddlefreak reviewed a live show by Whiskey Chimp, calling them “seven deadly sons who are bound for glory, or Hell in a handbasket.” We have been proven prophetic by their brand new third full-length record Barely Right Now (FP Records). On this CD they seem to fuse into each and every track the musical influences (bluegrass, swing, Cajun, punk, rockabilly) that formerly appeared on separate tracks. Born in the sunny time warp of Ventura, it’s a tasty blend that pairs well with Tecate and lime. Add a helping of humor and fold into tortillas with a dash of habanero sauce. Then run like the wind, because if you don’t you will be sucked into the hilarious toilet bowl that is Planet Chimp.

This past weekend I visited with the Chimp at the Parkfield (CA) Bluegrass Festival, where I laughed until my sides hurt. For every funny, edgy, irreverent original song in their extensive repertoire, they seem to have a half-dozen more waiting in the wings. Their wit is razor sharp, their sense of humor is sick, and their musicianship is impeccable — especially the many layers of harmony. Fiddlefreak sez: Whiskey Chimp is king of the jungle!

LISTEN: Loosen Your Bible Belt





BONUS VIDEO: If I’d a Shot Ya Sooner

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