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The Belleville Outfit: Time to Stand (MP3)

The Belleville Outfit
The Belleville Outfit

Last Tuesday, Austin-based band The Belleville Outfit released their second album, titled Time to Stand. A rowdy romp through sunny fields of swing, country, and gypsy sounds, Time to Stand establishes this band as one to watch as they conquer the major festivals one by one. Fiddlefreak is about follk music, and Belleville features piano and drums along with fiddle, guitars, and bass fiddle, so we hesitated, but not long. What the heck—this is good music, so check it out. According to fiddler and vocalist Phoebe Hunt, “The only music that hasn’t influenced us is the music we haven’t heard.” Well said!

LISTEN: Safe by the Belleville Outfit (MP3)


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