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Bearfoot: Doors and Windows (MP3)

When my desk gets this loaded with new CDs, there is the temptation to skip the releases that don’t reach out and grab me. But I couldn’t skip this one. In fact it has been getting lots of airplay around here ever since it arrived on my desk last month. (I know, I need to get caught up on my reviews!)


Doors and Windows
Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows (Compass Records) is the fourth release from Alaskan bluegrass band Bearfoot, a group previously reviewed here on Fiddlefreak. Featured front and center on many tracks are the sultry, breathy vocals of newest member Odessa Jorgensen, a native of Santa Rosa, California and former member of the Biscuit Burners. Bearfoot has been playing together since they were kids, almost ten years ago, and it shows. They have outgrown the bluegrass umbrella and produced a recording of tremendous depth and emotion. Acoustic swing, sister harmonies, twin fiddles, and singer-songwriter soul come together on Doors and Windows, in the smooth Americana-folk of Bearfoot.

LISTEN: Before I Go (MP3)


Bearfoot Website

Bearfoot MySpace

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