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Tatiana Hargeaves: Started Out to Ramble (MP3)

Tatiana Hargreaves
Photo: Michael G. Stewart

Notes from Yew Piney Mountain, an excellent old-time music blog, has been talking up some of the best old-time bands on the West Coast, including Foghorn (Portland), Striped Pig (Arcata), and the Tall Boys (Seattle). I wonder if old Yew Piney knows about 14-year old fiddler Tatiana Hargreaves of Corvallis, Oregon? With her recent new release Started Out to Ramble (Patuxent Music) this tiny rising star is poised to become the Next Big Thing in old-time fiddling. Among other awards, she became the youngest ever to win the Championship Division of the Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers Contest in 2008.

I first heard Tati’s five-string fiddling in the campground at Pickathon, where she sat in the semi-darkness with her brother Alex Hargreaves (a brilliant fiddler in his own right) and her dad, slashing out tunes and songs from the Appalachian hills. I love her music, but it’s a bit odd at first to hear this child of tender age shouting out that “there ain’t no liquor in this town.” So get over it already. Producer (and mentor) Bruce Molsky, brother Alex, and several other top-notch musicians help to make Started Out to Ramble one of the best old-time fiddle releases of 2009.

LISTEN: Raleigh and Spencer/Dusty Miller

Tatiana Hargreaves talks about the making of her new record.

Tatiana Hargreaves with Tristan Clarridge at Mount Shasta Camp Concert 2008.

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4 thoughts on “Tatiana Hargeaves: Started Out to Ramble (MP3)

  1. heya Ben–keep up the good work on Notes from Yew Piney! And yes, there are redneck hillbillies out here too, especially in Oregon. Kinda goes with the fiddle music.

  2. I met Tatiana a couple weeks ago in Weiser, ID at the Grand National Old Time Fiddler’s Contest. She is an incredible talent! Her brother, Alex, is also an AMAZING musician! Only 15 when he won his first Grand National Fiddle Championship! Now 17, he’s really kickin butt!

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