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Battlefield Band Preview Track (MP3)

Battlefield Band
Battlefield Band
Photo Credit Rob Van Sante

For about 30 years now, the Battlefield Band has been a mainstay of the Scottish traditional music scene. Here’s a brand new sneak preview from their new album, as well as a video from a couple years back. Enjoy!—Fiddlefreak

zama zamaBattlefield Band are still hard at work in the recording studio at Temple Records, working on their new ‘Zama Zama’ album. The album’s full title is ‘Zama Zama – try your luck’ and the core theme running through it is the pursuit of wealth and its effects. All of the tracks are now recorded, and mixing is well underway, so if all goes to plan the new album should be out in late summer or early autumn this year.

We promised to bring you a few sneak previews from the album, so here’s the first one: a new song written by Alan Reid called ‘Robber Barons’. The song looks at greed through the ages, from the ‘Robber Barons’ of the Middle Ages in Germany to the modern day politicians and bankers.

LISTEN: Robber Barons

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