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Foghorn Stringband at the Moon and Sixpence

If you know Fiddlefreak, you know that Fiddlefreak digs Foghorn Stringband. No other oldtime stringband today—with the possible exception of the Freight Hoppers—can kick old-time ass like Foghorn. We drove three hours on Sunday night, from near Seattle down to Portland, to make it to the legendary Sunday night acoustic gig by Foghorn Stringband at the Moon and Sixpence. And we didn’t leave until the lights went down and the early-morning streets were empty.

Foghorn is evolving. On Sunday the lineup included Patrick Lind on guitar, Nadine Landry on bass, and Peter Leone on three-finger banjo, and of course Sammy Lind (fiddle) and Caleb Klauder (mandolin). A native of the Yukon Territory in Canada, Nadine adds a new dimension to their sound with her lovely, strong country vocals. Here’s a taste of those, in a video of Foghorn Trio recorded in Ireland, and an excerpt from a documentary that features Sammy on fiddle. (note the Tommy Jarrell t-shirt!)

Video courtesy of Foghorntrio

Video courtesy of Dreamangus

One thought on “Foghorn Stringband at the Moon and Sixpence

  1. Got to see the new line up at Pickathon. It was great. Nadine got to sing a few tunes and it really adds a new dimension to the band, you’re right. I’m just impressed by how together they are, note for note.

    Is Sammy the one with the Tommy Jarrell shirt? Because I saw him with that at Pickathon and could have sworn it was a picture of Cas Walker, who was an infamous local politician in Knoxville. It makes more sense that it’s Tommy Jarrell though.

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