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Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

Waiting for the Dawn
Waiting for the Dawn

My hard-core old-time folkie readers might want to pass on this one, but if the idea of a large group of fiddlers playing together on fiddle tunes and folk songs sounds good to you, then read on. Childsplay is a group united by the instruments of violin maker Bob Childs of Cambridge, Massachussetts. Their fifth CD was produced by legendary New England fiddler Pete Sutherland and features the ethereal vocals of Aoife O’Donovan, of Crooked Still. Among others, the album includes the playing of Hanneke Cassell (fiddle), Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle), Ralph Gordon (bass), Shannon Heaton (flute and accordion), and Keith Murphy (guitar and piano). Waiting for the Dawn sounds kinda like Crooked Still without the bluegrass banjo and with a classical symphony accompaniment. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Tears Of Healing Rain/After The Rain

VIDEO: Colonel Thorton/Miss Lyall/The Road to Errogie

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3 thoughts on “Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

  1. Just bought an mp3 download of “Compliments to Cameron Chisholm/waiting for the Dawn” from Amazon. I just heard this song on Folk Alley’s Fresh Cut’s and simply fell in love. I’ll definitely have to check out the rest of the album!

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