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Rita Hosking: Come Sunrise (MP3)

Rita Hosking
Rita Hosking

Northern California seems like another country sometimes. The mighty Mount Shasta looms into view, you start seeing references to the State of Jefferson, and you nod to long-bearded trapper/miner dudes in ancient pickups. And the music gets good. Those people know the difference between Bill Monroe and Britney.

On her new release Come Sunrise, singer-songwriter Rita Hosking reflects her upbringing in rural Shasta County. Her breed of Nor Cal country folk ain’t quite old-timey, and it ain’t quite bluegrass, but damn it’s sweet. For fans of Emmylou and Gillian, this one’s a safe bet. The songs of Rita Hoskings are as fragile as a newborn baby, and defiant as a West Virginia coal miner. Here are “Come Sunrise” and “Promise Land” from Come Sunrise, and a bonus video. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Come Sunrise (MP3)

LISTEN: Promise Land (MP3)

WATCH: Little Joe

Rita Hosking Website

Preview/Buy “Come Sunrise”

4 thoughts on “Rita Hosking: Come Sunrise (MP3)

  1. It’s truly a shame that the sound quality in these videos is so damn poor. It really is a dis-service to Rita and the band members.

    Y’all need to dump these videos and leave place markers there until you find something worth sharing with people.

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