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Shaun Cromwell: The Gristmill (MP3)

Shaun Cromwell
Shaun Cromwell

Fiddlefreak was fortunate to hear and meet Shaun Cromwell at the FARwest convention in Irvine, CA. Shaun Cromwell’s one-man acoustic blues connect the modern world to a long-lost southern Gothic past. On guitar and banjo, his fingerstyle approach lifts a soulful vocal delivery, and the gripping songs tell stories of murder, love and loss. Death is a recurring theme for Shaun:

“Recognizing and accepting that you will die is a very practical way of loving the hell out of your life and trying to fit all that you can into that life. It’s what makes it possible to even consider writing music. That’s why I wanted this to be the underlying theme of the album; it’s not to be morbid or profound, it’s hopefully very simple and optimistic, maybe even uplifting at times.”

Here’s a traditional song from his release “The Turning of Clocks,” and a new unreleased single. Enjoy!

John Hardy (Was A Desperate Little Man)

The Gristmill

Shaun Cromwell Website


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