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Evie Ladin: Float Downstream (MP3)

Float Downstream
Float Downstream

On February 25, Evie Ladin will release her solo record titled Float Downstream. Produced by mando wizard  Mike Marshall, this is a lovely collection of mostly original songs that feature her distinctive drop-thumb clawhammer banjo style. Evie is known in the trad music community as a dancer and member of the all-girl Stairwell Sisters (featured previously here). She grew up in a family that listened to the iconic New Lost City Ramblers, and she has done her homework. Check out this clip she recorded of a Nigerian man playing an African banjo-like thing made from a plastic jug!

Evie gathered a talented team of musicians to play on Float Downstream, including Mike Marshall, Todd Phillips, Matt Knoth (Black Crown Stringband), Suzy Thompson, Caleb Klauder (Foghorn), and Lloyd Maines (who produced the last Stairwells record). This project positions her music right between old-time Americana and contemporary folk—a land that is being explored by others these days, but Evie leads the pack. If you’ve ever wondered where American country music might have led if it hadn’t been hijacked by Nashville and bluegrass, check out Float Downstream.

LISTEN: Mistreated Mama/Yew Piney Mountain

LISTEN: Float Downstream




3 thoughts on “Evie Ladin: Float Downstream (MP3)

  1. Yeah Buddy! Ya got good taste, that’s fer sure. Once you got a few more posts under your belt I’ll link you in! Keep it up… us folkies gotta stick together.

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