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Serious Sam Barrett: Close to Home (MP3)

Serious Sam Barrett
Serious Sam Barrett

Yorkshire singer-songwriter Sam Barrett is a very busy man. In addition to printing his own product packaging, stickers, and t-shirts, he maintains a hectic gig schedule all over Great Britain, singing a mix of his own songs and trad material from England, Scotland, and Ireland on his vintage Stella 12-string. Sam’s songs are raw, rowdy, and rooted in the green rolling hills of his native North. The original material references early Dylan, and the old songs bring to mind early Paul Brady and Andy Irvine, with just enough punk edge to keep the kids happy. You’ll hear echoes of Americana here too–from southern country blues to Woody Guthrie and Carter Family. Serious Sam is the real deal!

LISTEN: The Yorkshire Tup

LISTEN: The Wild Goose

VIDEO: Lay a White Rose

VIDEO: The Female Drummer



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