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Free Downloads from Black Prairie (MP3)

Black Prairie
Black Prairie

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this year (like Fiddlefreak), by now you probably know about the debut release of Portland goth-folk group Black Prairie, released in April, titled Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. The band is comprised of three members of indie rock powerhouse The Decemberists, along with two other acoustic musicians from the fertile Portland scene (including Annalisa Tornfelt, formerly of Bearfoot, who contributes lead vocals throughout). They have appeared just about everywhere, from NPR to SXSW to KCRW (OK, that’s not until Sept. 14, but you get the point). The word is out about Black Prairie and little old Fiddlefreak ain’t telling you nuthin’ new.

But wait—Sugar Hill has just released free downloads of two brand new unreleased tracks, both featuring the fetching vocals of Annalisa Tornfelt. Check them out here, and if you want to add them to your collection, click here.

The Blackest Crow

Turn It into Gold


Black Prairie Website

Buy Now


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