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Old Blind Dogs: Wherever Yet May Be (MP3)

Old Blind Dogs
Old Blind Dogs
Wherever Yet May Be
Wherever Yet May Be

The top dogs in the Scottish trad music scene will release their eleventh album on September 7 on Compass Records titled “Wherever Yet May Be” (COM 4542). Old Blind Dogs members Jonny Hardie (fiddle), Aaron Jones (bouzouki), Ali Hutton (pipes and whistle), and Fraser Stone (percussion), prove again that they rule the roost where Scottish trad bands are concerned. The material here ranges from ancient to contemporary, and comes from Scotland, Ireland, the States, and beyond. Newest member Ali Hutton brings a vibrant creativity to the mix, with his original compositions, wailing bagpipes and chirping whistles. The band states:

“After eighteen years together, a strong shared musical vision has allowed us to ride out our inevitable lineup changes and we feel like Wherever Yet May Be takes us bravely forwards whilst remaining loyal to our wonderful fan base who have supported us over the years.”

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