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Railroad Earth: Free Download (MP3)

Railroad Earth
Railroad Earth

Fiddlefreak doesn’t often cover rock music, and “Americana” is everywhere you look lately, so usually we avoid anything with electrified guitars and drums. But every so often a rock band comes along that combines folk, blues, and soul seamlessly into a pure American sound. (The Band and Creedence come to mind.) A sound so rootsy that it might be called electric folk. Which brings us to the new record from Railroad Earth, titled “Railroad Earth.”

Railroad Earth
Railroad Earth

On most of this album, the driving drum and heartbeat bass support layers of mandolin, guitar, and violin that bookend complex harmonies, at times toying with prog-rock concepts. One track (Spring-Heeled Jack) occupies over 11 minutes of your time, and every second of Dead-Meets-Allmans Brand of peach jam is worth it!

I have to admit, I didn’t think that the whole live jam band sound transferred well to the studio. But this one… this one kicks ass in a big way. And who can resist a good train story song? They got my attention, and they deserve yours. This self-described “souped-up string band” is channeling some of the best Americana music being made today.

Download the first single now from Paste Magazine. Their new self-titled record comes out on October 12 but is available for preorder now.

Free One-Song Download from Paste:


Preorder Page

Band Website

9 thoughts on “Railroad Earth: Free Download (MP3)

  1. My Favorite band too and these two previews top all those before. I love the music, the story and the vocal layers in Jupiter and the 119! I agree that Potter’s Field is an instant classic…can’t wait to hear more!

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