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Caleb Klauder: Western Country (MP3)

Caleb Klauder Country Band
Caleb Klauder Country Band

If you follow the old-time music scene, you’re already familiar with Caleb Klauder, the amazing mandolinist at the heart of Portland’s Foghorn Stringband (and Foghorn Trio and Foghorn Duo). Caleb also tours around with his Country Band, and they’ve just released a smoky collection of old-time honkytonk titled “Western Country.”

Western Country
Western Country

On this record, the line between bluegrass music and traditional country crumbles away, and we find Monroe-style mando intertertwining with hillbilly Telecaster, pedal steel and Caleb’s dusty vocal tracks. A balanced repertoire of country classics and Klauder’s originals makes for a refreshing listen that will take the listener on a trip across the county line, where they got cold beer and live music. Recorded live without overdubs, this record is authentic, raw, and real—a sound that Nashville left behind long ago.

Let’s go honky tonkin’. I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill, I know a spot right over the hill, where the Caleb Klauder Country Band will keep us boot-scootin’ all night long.

LISTEN: Worn Out Shoes

LISTEN: Joking Henry

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One thought on “Caleb Klauder: Western Country (MP3)

  1. Hey, Caleb:
    We just stumbled on your web site via Gretchen Wendt. Both Doug and I have been wanting to contact you and tell you about a song my daddy used to sing when he was with an on foot touring
    group in my home state of Louisiana back in the 30s and early 40s. I tried to get my brother – who was a professional musician (Google Isaac Payton Sweat) but he passed over the bridge to the musicians in the sky in ’93. Please hit me with an email at when you receive this message. Love and best wishes for a successful gig wherever you are tonight. Gail Brown

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