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David Greely: Sud du Sud (MP3)


David Greely

“You have to know where the party is to find this music. Welcome to our kitchen. Put away your earplugs for awhile.” –David Greely (liner notes)

Sud du Sud
Sud du Sud

To fans of Cajun dance music, David Greely is well known as the fiddler from Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, where he was a founding member over 20 years ago. Waltzes and 2-steps are at the core of the Cajun repertoire, and bayou dance halls reverberate with dance tunes until the wee hours when the band comes to town. But after hours, a few stragglers may gather to jam until dawn, and that’s where you might hear the kind of tunes that David has recorded on his new solo record “Sud du Sud.”

The material on Sud du Sud ranges from rare and older polkas, cotillions, and galops to original pieces of his own composition. Without any accordion present, his fiddle really shines on this record, and he is supported by guitar, fiddles, and piano here and there. Fiddlefreak recommended!


LISTEN: Cotillion / Chatagnier



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