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Pharis & Jason Romero & Friends: Back Up and Push (MP3)

Back Up and Push
Back Up and Push

I wish I could say that I had created a concept album like this one. About how two down-home folks from Horsefly, British Columbia motored south out of Canada and recorded every fiddler they met along the way, down to the Bay Area of California and back. But I couldn’t phrase it any better than Pharis and Jason Romero themselves:

Driving from Vancouver Island, BC to Oakland, CA, we brought our guitars and banjos to play old-time tunes with a few fiddling friends. These are some of the tunes we played and the fiddlers who played them.

Released in July 2010, “Back Up and Push” showcases 19 fiddle tunes by 19 west-coast fiddlers, backed by Pharis and Jason on guitar and banjo. Let the East Coast take note: We’ve got our fair share of solid old-time sawyers out west. Here’s proof!

LISTEN: Jimmy Shank (Sophie Vitells on fiddle)

LISTEN: Ladies on the Steamboat (Sammy Lind on fiddle)



Now online: Pharis and Jason Romero Live at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering (2011-01-14)

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