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Jeremy Stephens & Tom Mindte: Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs (MP3)

Tom Mindte & Jeremy Stephens
Jeremy Stephens & Tom Mindte

For some reason, my inbox here at Fiddlefreak is full of old-time mando-guitar duet records that harken back to the glory days of old-time gospel and pre-bluegrass country music, before those terms were even used. And let me tell you, my loyal reader, I’m hearing some mighty fine songs on these new CDs. Let’s get started with a new release from Jeremy Stephens and Tom Mindte titled “Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs” (Patuxent CD-215). For fans of the Monroe Brothers or the Louvin Brothers, this record is as satisfying as a fried chicken at the Sunday church potluck.

Mindte is a dynamic mandolin picker and powerful singer well known on the music convention circuit. From the Patuxent website—-Mindte recounts that “when Jeremy Stephens happened by our campsite a couple of years ago, carrying a guitar instead of his banjo, I kicked off ‘The Lord’s Last Supper,’ written by one of Jeremy’s banjo heroes, Don Reno. Jeremy caught the tenor vocal and the blend sounded pretty good. We discovered that we knew a lot of the same songs, so we decided to do the album.”

Jeremy, a relative newcomer to recording and performing, says “some of the first traditional music I ever heard was Dock Boggs, so I’ve always loved old time music.” Jeremy—-you dropped the right name! Here are two songs from this fine new recording out of Patuxent Music in Rockville, MD. Enjoy.

Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs
Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs

LISTEN: Tragic Love

LISTEN: Don’t Forget to Pray



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