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Genticorum: Nagez Rameurs (MP3)


Close your eyes and let the smooth flowing music of Genticorum transport you to another time and place, where French fur trappers and intrepid loggers navigate the roaring rivers and limitless lakes of the North Country. The core trio consists of Pascal Gemme, Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand, and Yann Falquet, and they are joined on their latest release Nagez Rameurs by guests that include Olivier Demiers (of Le Vent du Nord) and American Grey Larsen, among others. Like a virgin white pine of the Quebecois woods, Genticorum stands tall among the finest of the new wave of French-Canadian bands. Their new record is, in a word, fantastic!

Nagez Rameurs
Nagez Rameurs

LISTEN: Turlutte Hirsute

LISTEN: Les Menteries

Genticorum Website (English)

3 thoughts on “Genticorum: Nagez Rameurs (MP3)

  1. Great Band, saw them in Australia (Fremantle) in 2008, part of their Australian tour of the festivals. Live shows are the best, you get to see the energy, not just feel it.

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