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Rita Hosking: Burn (MP3)

Rita Hosking
Rita Hosking. Courtesy Rik Keller Photography

It makes old Fiddlefreak proud that his adopted home state can produce an artist of this caliber. Rita Hosking is a singer-songwriter from Northern California whose music falls into a very sweet spot: nestled comfortably between folk, country, and bluegrass (previously reviewed here). Her new record Burn expands and builds upon previous releases by adding a little more rock swagger and alt-country twang to her solid acoustic foundation.


Rita’s on the rise! From the demolition derby to Hazel Dickens, the rusty and ragged landscape of Ritaland is the real America. Check her out. (Bonus video: campground jam at Strawberry Music Festival! Is that Joe Craven in the back?)

LISTEN: Something You Got

LISTEN: My Golden Bull

Rita Hosking Website (Listen/Buy)

One thought on “Rita Hosking: Burn (MP3)

  1. She has an incredible voice. What a talented musician. I really enjoyed that first song, Something You Got.

    I get alot of the inspiration for my music from music with soul like this! Bluegrass, a banjo.. all I need is some sweet tea. Reminds me of home.


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