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The Honey Dewdrops: Preorder Now (MP3)

The Honey Dewdrops. Photo by Bill Guerrant.
The Honey Dewdrops. Photo by Bill Guerrant.

Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish of Charlottesville, Virginia tap into the heart of the Appalachians with their smooth renditions of original gospel-tinged mountain music.  The Honey Dewdrops are planning the imminent release of their third LP to be titled Silver Lining, and if it’s anything like their previous one, you should support them by preordering right now! You can track the progress of the recording project on their blog here.

We are very excited to share this new collection of songs with you. We are in the final stages of production on the new CD, and all preorders will help us to offset the associated costs of that production. Many thanks for all your support! –Laura & Kagey

Honey Dewdrops
In the Studio. Photo by Jack Looney

Everyone (and their brother) mentions Gillian Welch in their promo blurbs, but these two really do fly in that rarified realm. Another valid comparison is the music of Pharis and Jason Romero, or Jeni and Billy. Fiddlefreak recommended!

Here is a bit of a listen from their previous record These Old Roots.

LISTEN: Test of Time

LISTEN: That Good Old Way

The Honey Dewdrops Website

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