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The Honey Dewdrops: Silver Lining (MP3)

Silver Lining
Silver Lining

Silver Lining, the third album from the Honey Dewdrops, will be released on June 1st. It’s a record that Fiddlefreak alluded to in this previous post — and we are the lucky ones with an advance copy! As we hoped, Silver Lining has emerged as a silky-smooth collection of original songs that take the listener on a pleasant ramble through the Blue Ridge Mountains of their home, while maintaining a healthy streak of modern sensibility. The flawless two-part harmonies of Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish are layered on a bedrock of flattop guitars, clawhammer banjo, and sparkling mandolin, with the occasional splash of bass or harmonium. When applied to songwriting of this caliber, and with such attention to detail, the building blocks of traditional mountain music ignite to form a magical and rootsy whole. Stand back and watch the Honey Dewdrops climb the folk music charts!

LISTEN: No More Trouble

LISTEN: Silver Lining

The Honey Dewdrops Website

3 thoughts on “The Honey Dewdrops: Silver Lining (MP3)

  1. Wow, really beautiful stuff. I noticed a mention of Blue Ridge Mountains and was wondering where these two originated from, American?

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