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Preorder: Our Lady of the Tall Trees

 Like a cold clear flood of June snowmelt cascading down from the Olympic Range, outstanding new music continues to emerge from the Pacific Northwest. And when the heavy gray ominipresent clouds of Seattle part, a golden ray of sunshine falls upon the sparkling tunes of Cahalen Morrison and Eli West. Fiddlefreak can’t get enough of their unique down-home country cooking: all-original songs built from a foundation of old-time and Celtic roots, with a healthy scoop of brotherly harmony and contemporary verve. We reviewed their first release The Holy Coming of the Storm in this previous post.

The boys are financing their second release Our Lady of the Tall Trees with an ambitious fan funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. As of this writing, with 23 days to go, they have signed 135 backers, and plan to have some tracks mastered by mid-July. In the meantime, we’ll have to be satisfied with these video clips of new songs that will be on the record. Check it out — you might decide to become a backer yourself! You have until July 6 to do so.

KICKSTARTER: Our Lady of the Tall Trees

Mike Costello of Lewisburg, WV finishing up the album artwork.
Patrons can order a full size (12×12) print as one of the backing options.

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