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Foghorn Stringband: Outshine the Sun (MP3)

Foghorn Stringband
Mike Melnyk Photo

This week Fiddlefreak ponders the eternal question: can a music blogger have a favorite band? Or should he? As it happens, I lucked into an advance copy of Outshine the Sun from Foghorn Stringband last weekend at the annual CBA Father’s Day Festival in Grass Valley, California. The miles flew by as we burned up the road, heading southward toward home, past Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, and Salinas, with the volume cranked up. Outshine was recorded at home, and it sounds like it. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Back in the day, oldtime music was always played next to the woodstove, or on the front porch. It’s just that Foghorn always plays it so freaking WELL.

Outshine the Sun
Outshine the Sun

Over the years, Foghorn has evolved into a tight quartet consisting of Caleb Klauder on mandolin, Sammy Lind on fiddle, Nadine Landry on bass, and their newest member Reeb Willms on guitar. (That’s a nickname for Rebecca, and happens to be ‘beer’ spelled backwards.) Other than their lineup, Foghorn hasn’t changed much. They’re still kicking major ass with their repertoire of obscure old-timey fiddle tunes, Cajun dance pieces, and early bluegrass numbers. They’re still the gold standard. Oldtime acoustic Americana music is exploding these days, and Foghorn is leading the charge without even trying to put their mark on it. You hear Foghorn, and you know it’s Foghorn. Face it, people. There’s Foghorn–and there’s everyone else. Enjoy!

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Blues Rules Festival, Crissier, Switzerland May 2012. Video courtesy of rapido1

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