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Old Crow Medicine Show: Carry Me Back (MP3)

Old Crow Medicine Show
Old Crow Medicine Show

Today marks the release of Old Crow Medicine Show’s new record, titled Carry Me Back. The boys who made old-time music cool are still on their game; in fact this may be their best record since OCMS. That release included their mega-hit Wagon Wheel, now the defacto singalong anthem in bars from Florida to Seattle.

Carry Me Back
Carry Me Back

With Wagon Wheel, they inspired a zillion twentysomething bands to pick up fiddles and banjos and wail their hearts out. Between them and Brother Where Art Thou, many Americans are now aware of what real acoustic Americana music is. They wouldn’t approve any other new tracks for streaming, other than Mississippi, but trust me, they all kick ass. Their recipe of original words layered on top of traditional American melodies has remained a proven formula for generations, from Woodie to Dylan.  And besides, four of their members play banjo… what’s not to love?

Speaking of their lineup: they recently added multi-instrumentalist Chance McCoy to the band. Chance has been knocking around West Virginia oldtime bands for a few years now, including Old Sledge (see video). He may not be doing much of it yet, but he saws a mean fiddle and I hope we see more of that in OCMS. (And by the way, also check out Old Sledge’s banjo boy Ben Townsend. He’s another Mountaineer that we hope to hear a lot more of in the future.)

Once the hills of Virginia get under your skin, they ain’t goin nowhere. With a punk attitude and an Appalachian edge, OCMS carried me back home with Carry Me Back. Enjoy.

LISTEN: Mississippi Saturday Night

3 thoughts on “Old Crow Medicine Show: Carry Me Back (MP3)

  1. I just attended the best concert that I have seen in years. Old Crow performed in Knoxville to a packed house at the old Tennessee Theater. I was invited to attend when my brother and his daughter called to see if I wanted to go with them to see this group that they had been listening to for sometime. My brother is 50 years old and I am even older…. I was blown away by the show. Incredible sound and vocals from this group of musicians. We stood on our feet from the beginning to the end and never missed a beat. Their new release album has such a clean refreshing sound and the energy they bring is amazing. My brother traveled 150 miles to see them and now I know why….. what a great show! These guys can play. Don’t miss this group.

    G in Knoxville

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