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New Release from The Family Carr (MP3)

The Family Carr
The Family Carr

Kevin Carr and partner Josie Mendelsohn are well-established (and well-loved) figures in West Coast traditional folk music circles, for good reason. From trad Irish and old-time American music to Quebecois and Asturian and Galician traditions, they have spread their passion for folk music far and wide. The couple just released a new record with their son Daniel Carr and daughter Molly Carr, with whom they perform as as The Family Carr. This brilliant self-titled release sails brightly through the various Celtic lands on a warm and favoring wind, powered by fiddle, guitar, bagpipes, banjo, piano, mandolin, and vocals. Recommended!

LISTEN: Cantar por Asturias, Muineira Freixido, Muineira das Marinas

LISTEN: Vente Vido, Chotis Romanes, O Pateado, Trip to Windsor



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