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Chad Manning: Chicken on a Rocketship (MP3)

Chad Manning
Chad Manning

Bay Area fiddler Chad Manning has an excellent new record out with the whimsical title “Chicken on a Rocketship.” His third solo release showcases a variety of styles, and his complete mastery thereof. Fiddlefreak was drawn in by the compelling old-time tunes and songs, especially the new lyrics that Jody Stecher  and Chad grafted onto the Edden Hammonds classic Sandy Boys. Other guests on this album include David Grisman, Laurie Lewis, Suzy and Eric Thompson, Jim Nunally and more… the cream of the crop in the NorCal bluegrass scene.

Chicken on a Rocketship
Chicken on a Rocketship

Chad is an amazing sawyer who is fluent in the languages of bluegrass, Western swing, Texas style, and old-time fiddling. He is in great demand among California bands, performing regularly with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands and The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, among many others. Tom Rozum created the cartoon artwork on the cover depicting yes, a chicken on a rocketship. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Sandy Boys

LISTEN: Washington’s March/Pretty Little Girl



One thought on “Chad Manning: Chicken on a Rocketship (MP3)

  1. Tom – Can you zoom in on that chicken ( I hesitate to say blow it up) so we can get a better look? /your fan, Sandy in San Diego P.S. My husband Jon still wears his Dog Boy tee shirt. You probably didn’t run into him at the BOTMC concert, but he was there wearing it. Laurie – great redwood picture. Sequoia is a wonderful place to be.

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