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Pharis & Jason Romero: Long Gone Out West Blues

Pharis & Jason Romero
Pharis & Jason Romero

Fiddlefreak favorites Pharis and Jason Romero have a new record hitting the streets tomorrow, titled Long Gone Out West Blues (previous review here). Once again, the Canadian duo have hit the ball out of the park with their winning combination of harmony-based original and traditional old timey Americana played on a unique blend of custom-built resophonic guitar, banjo and guitar. Pharis plays a 1937 Martin 00-18, while Jason plays a Romero resophonic guitar, Romero banjos, and a 1941 Martin 00-18.

Long Gone Out West Blues
Long Gone Out West Blues

Working at their remote base in Horsefly, BC, the couple produce wonderful handcrafted instruments for which their customers are willing to wait years for delivery. Their work has garnered attention from Fretboard Journal, Utne Reader, Folk Alley, and the Folk DJ charts, as well as a coveted Canadian Folk Music Award for Best New/Emerging Artist. Which makes old Fiddlefreak wonder why in the world they would sing the blues? Maybe it’s the long dark winter months up in Horsefly. Good thing those old timey chestnuts burn all night. Long Gone Out West Blues is the perfect cure for your midwinter blues, wherever you may be. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Long Gone Out West Blues

LISTEN: It Just Suits Me

Pharis and Jason Romero Website

3 thoughts on “Pharis & Jason Romero: Long Gone Out West Blues

  1. I like that they create their own instruments shows a true dedication to their art.. The couple work well together.

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