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The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

Leah Abramson

Here at Fiddlefreak World Headquarters, we come across lots of young new indie singer-songwriters who make brilliant music. Like housecats doing cute stuff on Youtube, they seem to pop up everywhere you turn. Reviewing their music is something we just don’t usually do. But Leah Abramson‘s music cannot be ignored. When I first heard her new release Late Riser, my head snapped around like a teenage boy watching girls at the beach. I think I hurt my neck.

Late Riser
Late Riser

Late Riser is the second release from Leah Abramson of Vancouver (Canada) and she wrote all of the songs. Apparently she has a background in traditional folk music and connections to that world through other folkies like Rayna Gellert and The Be Good Tanyas. On her new record she achieves a rich, shimmery sound by layering multiple harmony vocals with vintage keyboards that include mellotron, harmonium, and accordion. And the fact that two of her songs address historical tragedies of Canadian history, like good traditional folk music should? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. Enjoy.

LISTEN: Lose-Lose

LISTEN: Red River Valley



2 thoughts on “The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

  1. Nice review…but one point of confusion…do they release as a band, or just Leah? The title says Abramson Sisters, but the whole review speaks of Leah alone.

  2. Good point Alex… I’d say it’s up for interpretation, but my interpretation is that it’s her solo project with so many layers of overdub that she named it “singers.”

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