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Éamonn Coyne & Kris Drever: Storymap

Éamonn Coyne and Kris Drever
Éamonn Coyne and Kris Drever

The new record from Kris Drever (of Lau) and Éamonn Coyne (of Treacherous Orchestra) was recently released on Compass Records. OK, it was three months ago but Storymap is a real cracker that deserves a listen. If you follow Fiddlefreak at all you know I have a healthy jones for trad music and this record delivers tradition in spades, from two young and very influential players. Orcadian singer Kris Drever plays guitar while Coyne shreds the four-string banjo and tenor guitar. This is a wonderful selection of tunes and songs, played with finesse and soul, and engineered with plenty of warmth and depth. They’ve employed a top-notch crew of session players to make this a full and rewarding listen. Recommended!


LISTEN: Marches & Reels

LISTEN: Isle of France


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